Comments on the MSc Programme

MSc Testimonials

What the 2015-16 cohort think of the programme right now…

When making the decision to enrol with DIT on the MSc in Applied eLearning, I considered several masters programmes, and I have no doubt I made the correct decision. The programme is specifically tailored to support you in your professional practice and the LTTC team guide you to apply your learning directly through practical assignments and personal reflection. I have found the modules to be relevant, well-structured and accessible to learners with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. The tutors are absolute subject matter experts who act as passionate facilitators to guide student learning. They are happy to engage with students on a one-to-one basis and are warm and welcoming in their approach.
Matthew Waters, Technology Lead @An Cosán Virtual Community College

I would highly recommend the MSc in Applied eLearning to anyone who is working in teaching, lecturing or training. It gives as great overview of learning theories, assessments, trends, instructional design and research techniques. There is a large time commitment required, but that is expected for a Masters level programme. The class size is small and there is plenty of interaction amongst the group. The lecturers are very approachable and make a great effort to give good relevant information to the class. I have learned a lot so far and I look forward to another year on the programme.
Breda McGuigan, Aura Internet Services

As I am come to the end of year 1 of the MSc in Applied eLearning, I am absolutely sure I made the correct decision.  This programme is a great addition to my BA in Training and Education.  I have learnt how to apply a wide range of current technology to my practice in the private sector.  From the moment I picked up the phone to enquire about this programme, to attending class and completing assignments, I found the tutors very approachable and totally committed to their students.  When I ran into any difficulties, the tutors were always available to meet so they could help me find a solution.

Patrick Brady, Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD)

I had thought about doing this programme for about 7 years, I finally took the plunge and signed up last year, and I can’t believe I waited so long! I work full time and have a long commute each day to work, so having the lectures one morning a week has really suited me. Each module has been both engaging and inspiring, combining both theory and practical hands on sessions. At all stages students are encouraged to relate their study to their personal experiences in their professional practice. There is a large emphasis on peer learning, incorporating group assignments and class work. The creation and maintenance of an e-portfolio, throughout the course allows students to experiment with new technologies, develop their skills and reflect on their learning.
Lorraine Marrey, Digital Learning Centre Manager @Blackrock College

I would highly recommend the MSc in Applied eLearning in DIT.  I am almost finished Year 1 and have found the experience both rewarding and transformational.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time and I commend the lecturers involved in their constructivist approach which promotes self-direction with valuable feedback, guidance and support.  Even though I had to travel from Cork each week it was not a deterrent as I gained so much from this programme and I looked forward to each class.  The practical nature also enabled me to apply new skills and knowledge to my own practice which has been instrumental in my own personal development.  I am glad the journey is not over as I look forward to Year 2.
Yvonne Leahy, Cork Training Centre (CETB)

I’m really pleased that I chose this programme. It provides a very strong foundation in eLearning covering both the theories that underpin different approaching to learning and how to practically apply them in real world situations. You really are encouraged to reflect critically on your own practice and how it can be enhanced through the application of digital technology and educational research. It’s a challenging and engaging programme.
Andrew Garvey, Project Manager @KIC International Colleges

This MSc in eLearning has had a positive and immediate effect on my working life. It’s great to explore and use practical tools that integrate technology in my clinical practice. I am developing a range of competencies required to work in a digital environment including using technology for communicating, collaborating and creating videos and online courses. I’m learning to use the full range of tools for work (blogs, twitter, padlet, coggle, google docs, Storyline 2 and so on). With its focus on eLearning, the research project is currently providing me the means to explore theory and practice in delivering eLearning enabled health and social care.
Claire Killian, Speech and Language Therapist

 How the 2014-15 cohort have experienced the programme…

The MSc programme is well structured, focusing on improving teaching and learning practices which are applicable to both online and traditional formats. Support is readily available from expert staff who are dedicated and passionate about e-learning. I have particularly benefited from the exposure to new technologies and experiencing the potential of online socialization for peer-to-peer learning.
Mark Keyes, Industry Training Co-ordinator @IT Blanchardstown

 How the 2013-14 cohort have experienced the programme…

The programme offers a valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in reading, discussing and reflecting on aspects of teaching and learning enhanced through technology. The modules are well structured and build incrementally; the assessments are orientated towards one’s practice and experience which makes them very relevant. The programme is organised in such a way that continuous effort and engagement is required – suited to the long distance runner more than the sprint finisher!
Dr Aine Galvin, Director of Teaching and Learning @UCD

I have thoroughly enjoyed the M.Sc. in Applied eLearning over my two years in the programme. I have been challenged and supported in equal measure and I particularly commend the lecturing team for their dedication. I feel I have gained many transferable skills and this has definitely resulted in new opportunities being offered to me.
Lisa Donaldson, Instructional Designer @DCU

The  MSc in Applied eLearning was hugely beneficial for me in my current and future technology based training roles . The course provided an excellent foundation in learning theories, creativity, course design and authoring in line with the latest academic research in the area of learning. Expert tuition and guidance was provided at all times by the programme team. In addition the participants themselves had a wide range of backgrounds which provided a great environment for creativity, idea generation and collaboration. I would recommend this MSc course to anyone in the area of learning or teaching, who wants to keep up with the latest technology and methods.
Ray Murray, Applied Materials Ireland Ltd

All my experiences of the programme have been good and in particular the opportunity of working with fellow students from many different backgrounds in different areas of the curriculum. The programme has given me insights into the technologies of eLearning, their applications and also the theoretical and academic background supporting eLearning. The programme has been a nice mix of academic, applied and practical topics and i would also complement the academic staff on their support, enthusiasm and dedication.
Dr Paul Ashall, School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences @DIT

With sixteen years teaching experience behind me before signing up for the MSc in Applied e-Learning I realised a changing trend in the way our students interact with the learning process. Technology has come to play such a significant role in our lives to-day; younger people use it constantly as a social lifeline and endless source of knowledge and information. I joined the MSc to challenge my own technology skills and adopt them in to my teaching practice to enhance my performance as a teacher. The MSc has given me a whole new perspective on teaching, I am now developing activities that have significantly improved student engagement, performance, and interaction and made the learning and teaching much more enjoyable.
Michael Gleeson  in year 1, School of Construction Skills @DIT

I signed up to the Applied eLearning programme to gain a firm understanding of the current trends  and technologies being implemented into today’s  higher education environment. The programme exceeded my expectations, by providing an opportunity to engage and apply  the new technologies into my professional practice.  I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from the ‘Learning Theories’  module  it explained  in depth the psychology behind human learning. The ‘Instructional Design’ module gave me a new approach to developing learning resources and my teaching practice. It is an excellent programme supporting the development of teachers/lecturers in meeting the 21st century teaching technology challenges  in higher education.
Michael Gleeson in year 2, School of Construction Skills @DIT

On many occasions I have found that the MSc challenged me beyond my own boundaries, in ways which I never thought possible. I now embrace the challenges and strive to achieve my own professional and personal goals.  The lecturers are so supportive and the cohort of students all work very well together and actively partake in discussions both inside and outside of class. The MSc has changed my perspective of how I teach and prepare for the delivery of my lectures (from teaching Community Education for the CDETB and Third Level Education for The International Study Centre for Trinity and UCD). As I come from an IT background, I have really enjoyed the eLearning aspect of the modules.  I struggle with the academic writing side a bit and have been given great support and guidance from my lecturers. No matter where your skills lie, you can adapt them to the MSc.
Gerry McCann-Cleary, Instructional Designer in Community Education

The MSc in eLearning has opened my mind to new ways of supporting students’ learning, teaching and assessment using learning technologies. As a first year student of the course I feel my confidence is increasing with the use of learning technologies, it has driven me to engage with the literature and to trial in my own practice some new ideas with my students. I am also enjoying the production of my ePortfolio which was a huge learning curve for me to create a website/ blog. After the first semester I already feel that there is a good body of evidence in the ePortfolio and it is a very creative way to gather your thoughts and collect/reflect on ones work. The learning occurs through discussions with the module facilitators and your peers in weekly class sessions and a lot of the support material is presented in the VLE.
Rob Lowney, Law Society of Ireland

I enjoy interacting with my peers from different disciplines and Institutes/ Companies. As a third level academic for more than 13 years I am enjoying the new learning and teaching ideas proposed in class which are always underpinned by strong educational beliefs. The group project has been the most challenging aspect but this was due to time constraints rather than working in a group and the end product and learning was still achieved.
Dr Christine O’Connor, School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences @DIT

I found the course really insightful in so many ways… the main  thing I learnt from this course was that eLearning is just one medium that can be used to help people learn – it is not about the technology in itself but about how the individual can best make use of it for their learning needs.
Hugh McLain, Department of Agriculture and Food

 Previous Graduates views on the impact of the programme…

An excellent course, it allows the student to become a knowledge producer by providing the student with the knowledge and variety of tools required to create their own artifacts on a subject of their choice. The great advantage this course provides is it allows the student to pursue their area of interest and create pedagogical sound learning resources…the lecturers provide an excellent learning environment and provide strong student supports.
Mark Maguire, Maths Teacher, Canada

The MSc in eLearning was a big challenge for me, the end result however was a very fulfilling experience.  The learning theories module provided me with a lens through which I could frame the design and application of eLearning systems and resources. The Instructional design module was a really practical way of applying knowledge gained on programme. A deeper insight into the role of an online tutor was re-enforced throughout the programme. Overall my experience was very positive and has driven my enthusiasm for using technology in learning in order to enhance the experience for students.
Niall Dixon, IT Trainer @DIT

I undertook to do this MSc in Applied eLearning because I believed it would empower me to obtaining full utilisation of the Virtual Learning Environment and obtaining the skills necessary to becoming a proficient online tutor.  Three modules in and already this course has exceed my expectations.  At this point, earning the qualification seems of secondary importance to exploiting the varied and rich learning opportunities provided by this programme team.
Jim Ffrench, School of Construction Skills @DIT

This programme is an invaluable learning experience for me as practitioner; I’ve discovered that my own learning style is the exact opposite to my teaching style and as lecturer in introductory accounting I have learnt as much from my classmates who teach the Trades as those who teach Business.
Peter Weadack, Accountancy, I.A.D.T

The programme is absolutely superb. The staff are very knowledgeable and approachable and the material is pitched at just the right level.  At first I wasn’t quite sure if I would have the time to complete this course but the work is structured in such a way to allow a lot of independent learning, which allowed me to study at a time that was convenient for me. The assignments were very practical and can be very orientated towards your “day job”  which makes the course even more beneficial. Finally the diversity of the backgrounds of the course participants gives a great opportunity for networking and meeting like minded people.
Dr Mark Glynn, Head of Learning Innovation Unit@DCU

After completing my PGCert in Learning and Teaching I became very interested in the role that technology could play in my face to face classes. I thought that being able to integrate ePortfolios, videos, podcasts, wikis, and many other Web 2.0 tools to support my teaching will help me to make my students learning experience more interesting and joyful. I have to say that I was right! My students have benefited from my learning experience at the MSc in Applied eLearning. As an example, I would like to mention that my postgraduate students are developing amazing ePortfolios, where they are offering critical reflections on their weekly learning. At the beginning I thought that this would be quite difficult due to the complexity of my modules. However, my students demonstrated that I was very wrong, and that the ePortfolio is just a remarkable tool to help them developing their critical and analytical skills. I am very impressed by the quality of their work, and more importantly their feedback is very encouraging and constructive. I think that any individual interested in Education and that want to give his/her best to the students should consider joining this programme.
Lucia Morales, School of Accounting & Finance @DIT

This is an excellent programme that I would strongly recommend to anyone keen to develop their skills in learning technology and pedagogy. The experience has been stimulating, challenging and fun. I waved goodbye to my comfort zone long ago, and the application of eLearning in my teaching practice has been transformational. The opportunity to participate in such a fantastic programme, with such great instructors should be seized with both hands!
Kathleen Hughes, School of Marketing @DIT

Since starting the MSc. in Applied eLearning my approach to teaching has continued to change on a weekly basis. The well structured classes, supplemented by appropriate directed reading, personal reflective writing and group work have really changed my teaching style. The group work, be it in class or a group based assignments, is a key part of the course. This has not only developed my understanding of the course curriculum, but also expanded my personal learning network. In a true social constructivist approach to learning, we learn from each other in both synchronous and a synchronous environments. Although the workload can be tough to juggle with other work and social commitments, the benefits are apparent to me already, and I’ve only completed one semester! I could not recommend the course highly enough as it is both progressive and innovative in its approach to preparing us for the blended learning environment of the future.
Dr Michael Seery, School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences @DIT

I joined this course to learn how to include e-learning in my teaching practice in engineering and am very happy with the outcomes so far. I’ve learnt how to harness web based learning environments and web 2.0 technologies to develop e-learning resources that are soundly based on the psychology of the adult learner. This course has empowered me to develop my own website, create an e-learning resource and make good use of the VLE such as Blackboard. The assignments are well designed and flexible enough to be directly applicable to your own work. I would thoroughly recommend it.I was awarded one of the teaching fellowships for my faculty and I that is another result of the knowledge I’ve gained from doing the MSc. I hope to look at ways in which we can increase student centred learning in my school’s undergraduate programmes.
Dr Gavin Duffy, Control Systems and Electrical Engineering @DIT

Across the programme, there are very supportive staff. The work relates to day to day work and gives insights to tomorrow. Great to work with external lecturers on learning issues.
Terry O’Reilly, School of Electrical Services Engineering @DIT

Excellent programme. Perfect ‘blend’ of online and face-to-face delivery. I’d highly recommend this programme to anyone involved in education.
Dr Bob Lawlor, Science and Engineering @National University of Ireland

The MSc programme not only has provided knowledge and skills in eLearning, it has also consolidated my learning and teaching practices developed during the PG Certificate in Learning and Teaching. Rather than transforming my teaching to on-line learning I hope to embed eLearning into my modules to produce an effective and supported learning environment for my students.
Dr Mairead Stack, School of Biological Sciences @DIT

Undertaking the MSc in Applied eLearning has greatly influenced, and certainly enhanced, my teaching. The LTTC facilitators ‘talk the talk’, but also ‘walk the walk’. Each class, activity or assessment is well thought out, structured and gave us, as students, experience of what its like on both sides of the learning environment. The taught modules are designed to introduce the novice to the fundamental elements required in eLearning from instructional design to future trends in the area. Within each module I experienced a huge learning curve; however, this was made achievable not only by the great support from the academic staff, but also from the community of practice instilled in us by working as groups on many projects. The culmination of the course is the research project in which you really get to try out the skills developed over the previous semesters. Although a lot of time is required, it is most definitely worth it; I would have no hesitation in recommending this MSc to anyone interested in deepening their pedagogic understanding whilst simultaneously enhancing their use applied technologies in their teaching.
Dr Barry Ryan, Food Science & Environmental Health @DIT

As a result of participating on this programme I have an understanding of learning theory and learning technologies that enables me provide our business partners with advice on the most appropriate approaches they can take when designing training.  Prior to taking part on the MSc my knowledge of learning technology was limited. The course has not only extended my knowledge but initiated an interest in what can be achieved which will continue long after the course is completed.
Angela Walsh, IT Consultant and Trainer @FBD Insurance

Taking the Masters in Applied eLearning at DIT has definitely improved my confidence and knowledge as an eLearning professional and will hopefully further my career.  In particular, it has given me a real insight into e-learning within the context of higher education and prompted me to learn about a range of new tools & technologies that I wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise. During the course we were exposed to a range of online learning approaches, something which is invaluable for anyone who wants to create effective online learning experiences for students. I feel that the MSc has also given me an excellent basis on which to continue learning so I can take advantage of the growing range of MOOCs and other free online learning opportunities coming on stream – it’s helped me relearn how to learn and hopefully that process will continue long after graduation.
Dr Clare Gormley, Instructional Designer @DCU


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