MSc Frequently Asked Questions


How useful really is this programme? what past graduates think
What is the duration of the masters?
What are the admission requirements?
What modules will be offered?
What are the assessment requirements?
ePortfolio Structure – what is involved?
What prior technical skills do I need to participate on the programme?
What are the fees?
How do I apply?


What benefits can this programme offer?

On completion of this course participants will have enhanced their role as eLearning professionals and have the ability to evaluate, design and implement technology for learning.During the programme the participants will explore a range of current and value-adding technologies.The strengths of the programme lie in the sound pedagogy and research underpinning all modules, the substantial applied project, the diverse range of optional modules and the development of skills that will enable participants to be responsive to the changing emergent technologies in the future. A stimulating, research-focused exploration of theory and practice across the field of eLearning will be provided. To complement this, on offer throughout the programme is a strong foundation for the planning, development and management of eLearning systems, technologies, programmes or educational solutions. Many varieties of educational contexts are considered, with a focus on using digital technologies in a range of ways, and learning from and carrying out research-based evaluation of eLearning systems. The programme will examine contemporary theories of learning, educational technologies and the role of technologies in education and training. The practical orientation of the programme will see participants having the opportunity to put all they have learned into current and real-life situations.

Where is the programme located?

The programme is offered by the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre (LTTC) in the DIT. All face-to-face classes take place in specialist teaching rooms in the LTTC, 5th Floor, DIT Aungier Street Campus, Dublin.

Who is the programme aimed at?

This programme is aimed at eLearning specialists, researchers, consultants, lecturers, teachers, tutors, trainers in commercial enterprises, policy makers, librarians, technological support staff and managers. Participants will develop the confidence and skills to develop, facilitate and manage eLearning in different contexts and with different pedagogical approaches. On successful completion of this programme, participants who are endeavouring to establish eLearning opportunities in their organisation will be supported as well as those who are considering blending this with a career in an educational setting, in teaching, training or educational management. This programme can also provide a strong base for those wishing to undertake a Doctorate of Education  (EdD) or PhD.  

What is the duration of the masters?

The programme will take a minimum of two academic years (part-time) to complete.

What are the admission requirements?

Entry to the MSc Applied eLearning is open to graduates who have achieved an honours degree or equivalent. Due to the applied nature of the programme, it is important that you are in employment in education or training. Candidates without academic qualifications but with experience of appropriate professional responsibility will be considered on an individual basis.

The first 15 ECTS can be achieved prior to starting the programme in the ‘Professional Development Module’ through evidence of professional practice. Applicants will write a personal statement and attend an interview to discuss details of their professional practice in the areas of eLearning/teaching & professional learning to date.

What modules will be offered in Year 1?

All modules are highly interactive and blend the presentation of knowledge, ideas and research with the practical exploration of relevant issues, supported by discussion and collaborative small group work.
Core Modules: Professional Development; Learning Theories; Instructional Design and eAuthoring; Educational Research Design
Elective Modules: [Choose one 5 ECTs module from this list]: Creativity & Critical Thinking; Trends in eLearning; Supporting Virtual Communities (fully online); Strategic, Project & Change Management in eLearning; Assessment & Feedback; Academic Writing & Publishing

What are the assessment requirements?

Assessment in Year 1 is continuous; formative feedback is provided to participants throughout the modules and then each module is summatively assessed at its conclusion. In Year 2 the participant completes the applied eLearning project. This major project, which contributes to their final degree award and requires participants to plan the development, management and evaluation of an eLearning resource/artefact, will have potential for a large impact in the professional context of the participant. There is also the opportunity to publish a journal paper disseminating the Applied Project in a target journal of the participant’s own choice.

ePortfolio Development Opportunity

Throughout the 2 year programme, participants are expected to demonstrate evidence of their learning as they progress throughout the modules. Evidence of the prior knowledge and motivations along with critical reflections on learning are incorporated into the ePortfolio. Participants also provide evidence of research and of eLearning resources designed and developed during the programme.

What prior technical skills do I need to participate on the programme?

The programme is aimed at those with basic computer skills. There is an opportunity in one of the core modules to undertake tutorials on HTML development and use of rapid development tools for eLearning. However participants are also required to independently explore and learn tools suitable for eLearning development. All participants should feel confident is using the internet, downloading and managing files, and installing software on a computer. Familiarity with email, word processing and file management is expected on entry to the programme.

What are the fees?

The Course code is DT580.
Course Fees €2700 plus €135 capitation fee TOTAL = €2835 per year

How do I apply?

Apply online here.

For any related application or fee queries: email or phone the Programme Administrator, Linda Boyd,, 01 402 7875.



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