MSc Gallery 2010-2011

Student Project Gallery

Since our first cohort of students graduated in 2009, we have observed such a fabulous range of applied eLearning projects from a wide variety of professional contexts and practice being developed that we wanted to share them with you! Below is a selection from 2010-2011

seery Dr Michael Seery, College of Sciences & Health, DIT
The Implementation of pre-lecture resources to reduce in-class cognitive load: a case study for higher education chemistry
langaro Leonardo Langaro, Instructional Design Consultant
Introducing a Wiki as a collaborative knowledge creation tool
melrose Paul Melrose, Kaplan College
Facebook’s role as a learning space: Irish students and social networking sites
dixon Niall Dixon, Staff IT Training, DIT
Scaffolding fully online first year computer literacy students for success
mathews Malachy Mathews, College of Engineering & Built Environment, DIT
BIM Collaboration in Student Architectural Technologist Learning
morales Lucia Morales, College of Business, DIT
What is mLearning and how can it be used to support learning and teaching in Econometrics?
mcevoy Niav McEvoy, VEC Sector
Can Rapid Authoring Tools Meet the Needs of Different Learning Preferences?
finegan Joanna Finegan, National Library of Ireland
User experience of social media for local cultural heritage discovery: a case study
cuffe Laurence Cuffe, KWETB
Investigation of Web ecology
kenny Pat Kenny, HSC
How do health care workers describe and interpret the experience of learning from an educational drama delivered online?

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