MSc Gallery 2012-2013

Student Project Gallery

Since our first cohort of students graduated in 2009, we have observed such a fabulous range of applied eLearning projects from a wide variety of professional contexts and practice being developed that we wanted to share them with you! Below is a selection from 2012-2013

walsh Angela Walsh, FBD Insurance
Virtual Classrooms in the workplace: An implementation Study
ryan Dr Barry Ryan, College of Sciences & Health, DIT
A walk down the red carpet: students as producers of digital video-based knowledge
sweeneyburt Nuala Sweeney-Burt, DIT
Implementing Digital Storytelling as a Technology Integration Approach with Primary School Children
howlett Debbie Howlett, VEC Sector
Scratch that itch: a lesson on 21st century skills!
gabaudan Odette Gabaudan, College of Arts & Tourism, DIT
E-xperience Erasmus: Online Journaling as a tool to enhance student’s learning experiences of their study visits abroad
oreilly Enda O’Reilly, Cavan Institute of Further Education
An investigation of the use of Accounting eActivities to ease the cognitive load on the learner undertaking an introductory accounting module
 omahony Niamh O’Mahony, Hibernia College
Cognitive learning and motivation of 1st year secondary school students using an interactive and multimedia-enhanced eBook
 ffrench Jim Ffrench, College of Engineering & Built Environment, DIT
Evaluating the Impact of bespoke mLearning Resources on Student Motivation ion Phase 6 Refrigeration Apprenticeship Learning
odonnell Alan O’Donnell, College of Engineering & Built Environment, DIT
Using mLearning as a means to promote self direction and engagement in apprenticeship theoretical lessons
gormley Dr Clare Gormley, Dublin City University
21st Century Instructional Design: How can adjunct faculty learn about effective online course design?
mullan Hugh Mullan, GMIT Letterfrack
Online Group Reflection: A prototype for video collaboration in higher education
gavan Edel Gavan, Hibernia College
Investigate the usefulness of how an artefact can assist with technological issues impacting learners’ ability to participate in synchronous online tutorials

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