MSc Participant Experience

Comments on the MSc Applied eLearning

It’s very important that you find the programme that is right for you in your current context, and to lay a pathway for your future professional development. The short video clips on this page have been created in addition to the text-based testimonials below to give you a more personal view from some of our current and past participants, as well as from some members of the programme team in podcasts.  

students are saying

Marie O’Flynn, School of Business, DITmarieoflynn
Ray Murray, Applied Materials Ireland Ltdraymurray
Paul Gorey, Transport Engineering, DITGorey_main
Killian Holmes, FBD Insurance
Mark Glynn, Head of Learning Innovation Unit, DCU
Fiachra O’Cuinneagain, DKIT
Clare Gormley, Learning Innovation Unit, DCU
Barry Ryan, Jim Ffrench, Enda O’Reilly
Paul Melrose, Kaplan College
New Picture
Michael Seery, Chemistry, DIT
Claire McDonnell, Optometry, DIT
John Kilroy, Harvest Computing
Padraig MacDonagh, College of Computing Technology, Dublin



Podcast interviews with MSc staff and students



Participant backgrounds have been from diverse disciplines such as accountancy, architecture, biological sciences, childcare education, chemistry, computing, design, engineering, enterprise, hospitality management, language teaching, law, Montessori teachers, nursing, optometry, physics and social science. Participants from the public sector include those from the health services (both executives and practitioners) and from the private sector, there have been instructional designers, multimedia developers, accountants, solicitors, finance and insurance analysts, educational technologists and IT trainers. An important facet to the programme has been the inclusion of lecturers from the Apprentice Education sector across Ireland, where we have had successful participants drawn from the Institutes of Technology from construction skills, refrigeration, sheet metal work and electrical engineering.

Hear from the graduates from the past few years on their programme experience via podcast…

Listen to participant/tutor interviews about the programme

What the current participants are saying about the programme…

MScjobsMSc Professions

“The programme is excellent and very worthwhile”

“The MSc group is a great team – everyone gets along and it is a good working environment”

“Workload really gets you engaged”

“Feedback during guest spots from prior students is very helpful”

“Breadth of topics is very wide”

“Good way to get into educational literature”

“Teamwork is very worthwhile”

“Lecturers and staff are very supportive”

“Group activity is encouraged”

“The Instructional Design module gave us a foundation in how to plan and design real learning resources”

“The Learning Theories module really explained teaching methods and is an excellent way to reflect on teaching and improve it. I am using new methods now as a result”


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