PG Diploma Modules

Professional Practice in Third Level Learning and Teaching (30 ECTS)

Module aim
The aim of this module is to facilitate participants in the development of a capacity for continuing professional development, critical reflection and a scholarly approach to the implementation and evaluation of teaching practices. Through varied forms of teaching demonstration, reflection in and on action, and engagement with theoretical principles and concepts, participants will explore and critically evaluate practice and convention in learning and teaching, from both a generic and a discipline –specific perspective.

Teaching methods will include the following learner-centred techniques: group work, paired activities, use of a variety of audio-visual technologies, demonstrations, student presentations, student-led discussions, student observations of teaching, micro-teaching demonstrations, reflective writing.

The practical focus of the work in Module 1 provides participants with an opportunity to practice or demonstrate a short “slice” of teaching (microteaching) and a “real time” class (teaching observations) with class colleagues and tutors, and to engage in discussion and constructive feedback with each other.

Module content includes:

  • Student Centred Learning
  • Lesson Planning/Interactive and Innovative Teaching methods
  • Learning Theories
  • Group Learning
  • Practising with Learning and Teaching Methods
  • Discipline-Based Curricula and the Scholarship of Teaching

Curriculum Development & Practitioner Research (30 ECTS)

Module aim
The aim of this module is to facilitate participants to take a competent and proactive role in the development of high quality curricula in their own third level contexts. The module will enable participants to creatively explore, and to apply a range of ideas in the design of curricula and assessment strategies. By means of a practitioner research element, this module also leads participants to explore some of the ways that the relationship between teaching and research can be articulated and what impact it may have on practice.

Module content will include:

  • Models of Curriculum Design
  • Blending Learning in the Curriculum
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Group, Peer and Self-assessment Strategies
  • Integrating Graduate Attributes into the Curriculum
  • Curriculum Design for the First Year Experience
  • Curriculum Evaluation

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