PG Diploma Student Experiences


If you are considering applying for the Postgraduate Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching, you might find it helpful to hear from some of our previous students.

Below you will find student reflections on the programme. Barry Ryan, a graduate of the 2010 cohort, provides an overview of his key learning and experiences. The reflection is in two parts – covering Modules 1 and 2 of the programme.


Feedback from other participants:

I’m a much better teacher – the students understand more and have given great feedback. I’m more confident in my teaching and not afraid to try new things.

The PG was fantastic and I still tell people about it because it was such a positive experience. Thank you for that.

I have led the development of a new programme which will take its first students in September. This is something that I would never have considered possible before taking the course. I am recognised more as someone that understands the teaching/education side of things.

I have run a number of workshops on groupwork and have placed more emphasis on supporting groupwork in our courses.



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